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”It was truly a work of art!  Most important of all, your work has helped to raise awareness on the issues of global decline”
– Vince Siciliano | President and CEO New Resource Bank
What’s compelling and different about this movie is the time and effort that is put into understanding the money flows – its an essential education.
– Andy Ridley, Citizens of The Great Barrier Reef.
“I wanted to reach out and say ‘thank you’ for making the time to screen your film with us last night and perhaps more importantly – for the inspiration that your film provided to my wife and I along with everyone I’ve spoken to this morning. I have seen quite a few projects – many of them films – that are passion-based, lightly funded, and seek to tackle large complex topics like Normal is Over. I’ve yet to see one that has impacted me as profoundly.”
– Ryan Gellert, Gen.Manager Patagonia-Europe

Corporate Screenings

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As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to keep producing great documentaries and making them available to the public. Normal Is Over The Movie is copyrighted for personal viewing only. When hosting this Award-winning Feature Documentary, we can offer support material, and advice.

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